I have spent 25 years working for one of Australia’s most
recognised and successful retailers – leading regional teams and teaching other regional leaders to create an environment of trust, purpose and inspired culture, where people work cohesively towards shared goals.

I do things a little differently than industry consultants, and guarantee you:


my expertise is yours

Working with me really does mean working with me. I personally facilitate all sessions, which allows me to observe each participant’s development and provide specific ongoing feedback and support. I use my own knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver proven high-quality transformational training.


I'm committed to your results

I do not believe in contracts therefore I do not have one.  I am fully invested in delivering leadership development that will make a positive impact on your results.  If you aren’t fully satisfied, you are under no obligation to continue with the services I provide.



Research shows that less than 10% of all online learning programs are ever completed. I do not have any online components in my programs, as they do not fit my philosophies in creating an effective and transformative learning environment, with an emphasis on human interaction.

Retaining and engaging great employees, allowing seamless succession planning and harnessing the power of your people are elements of a thriving organisational culture. As a leadership coach, mentor, facilitator and speaker, I use my years of experience to guide you towards making this a reality. Creating enduring, positive change in your team, your culture and your bottom line.


leadership coaching & mentoring

You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself.

A feature of great leaders is that they never stop learning. Mentorship and Coaching for your leaders is an investment in your entire organisation.

Completely bespoke, you have the benefit of complete access to my experience and support, focused on your individual needs and concerns, over a timeframe that is right for your goals.

Participation over a  six month period will transform the way you work, and the way you work your business. While the specific challenges of individuals vary, the one-on-one process invariably allows leaders to improve their capabilities and results, to experience greater satisfaction and ease in their roles, and to become more skilled and ready to respond to opportunity as it arises.

Leadership Workshops

When there is a key element of your organisation that is limiting your people’s engagement or performance, my one day workshops are designed to get you moving quickly towards better results.

I personally facilitate each workshop, ensuring that your learning is tailored to your needs, and you have my direct support. Delivering these workshops has proven to me the incredible impact of targeted training on the areas that are currently holding a specific business back

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Mad4Leaders is a two day program that looks beneath the surface of your everyday operations. Building on the proven assumption that your people are key to your success, we take a deep look at not only the skills and actions that make leaders great, but the at underlying thoughts, decision making processes and relationships that profoundly influence your culture, engagement and ultimately your results.

Exploring an extensive range of key foundational leadership elements, the Mad4leaders workshop provides deep exploration and integration to acknowledge and amplify that which matters most. Using an interactive, multiple intelligence approach, your participation provides an experiential and practical method to embark on a positive cultural shift.

More information about this program can be found at www.mad4leaders.com