Retail: The Regional Manager, your knight in shining armor.

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Retail: The Regional Manager, your knight in shining armor.

Recent studies have found an alarming 35% of retail employees feel disengaged with their work.

Yes. 35%.

Over a third of your workforce.

These figures are of great concern as high performing retail staff are the key to elevating sales and repeat business which are both vital for retail growth.

There’s an abundance of competition for retail; online shopping (onshore and overseas), social media, direct marketing the options are continually growing. Retailers have no alternative other than to raise the bar by providing an excellent customer experience to attract consumers back into their stores.

Sounds simple, but how is this achieved when morale is low and expectations are high?

My firm belief is success starts with an effective and influential Regional Manager.  The right Regional Manager will provide a window to your company’s goals and values, set the tone for expectations and lift engagement by driving a smoothly functioning, high performing team. Unfortunately, in many cases, the importance of effective training that reflects the unique and significant role they fulfill is not given enough consideration, with many Regional Managers expected to hit the ground running with little guidance.

I should know. I worked for several Regional Managers, managed many, and most importantly, was one.