Have you ever wondered why some businesses thrive while many more fail to grow at all?


The economic climate, online competitors, rising costs and a more competitive environment are factors often used as an explanation. Some business owners fall back on the ‘business is tough’ mindset to avoid answering the hard questions.

Many factors that impede business growth are valid, but can also be used to mask the real harsh truths that they’d prefer not to face.

Over the course of my business life, I observed one key factor that stood above all others when explaining business success or failure and that is people.

Bad results are often the result of ‘people challenges’.

Employing the wrong people, not retaining your best performers, or having disengaged, unmotivated staff will have an enormous detrimental effect on a business and its’ growth prospects.

Experience has shown me that investing in your leaders (from a growth and development stand point) is the best way to turn a business around. An improvement in your leadership will have a positive ripple effect on all the people in your business. Outstanding results come from people working in a positive environment while being inspired and empowered by their leaders.

Alison Crabb
Inspiring the Humanity of Business